How to Find Mugshots

If you want to find mugshots you have to be prepared to see some ugly faces! Since mugshots are typically public information they are not so difficult to find. Mugshots are also called booking photos, or arrest photos. Whatever you want to call them, they are the pictures that the arresting agency takes when somebody is arrested and booked for any charges. They take a nice photo and make sure that they have a clear shot of the face. They want to be sure that everybody knows that the person in the picture is who they are. There are a lot of ways to find mugshots, but here are a few ways that you could try for yourself.

How to find mugshots

Check out the Recorder's Office

If you know sufficient details about the individual you would like to see the mugshot of, it is possible that you can find this image through a visit to your recorder's office. Depending upon what state you live in, you can ask to view arrest records and other public details concerning particular people. Do a little bit of research and study on the laws that apply to the location that you reside in and make sure to check out the recording clerk for answers. This is one method to discover criminal records and arrest photos.

Do an Internet Search

The internet is a powerful weapon. Within it lies some of the most advanced search tools that have actually ever been presented to mankind. The most popular search engine, Google, is strong enough within itself to pull a great deal of information from all ends of the earth and bring it right to your doorstep. Well, actually to your screen, but close enough. Sometimes you can search the search engines and find mugshots of people without much effort.

Ask the Person

Because of this, it might be an alternative to simply ask the person, point-blank if you can see their mugshot. It might take a little bit more work due to the fact that the police do not send everyone home from jail with a memento and a mugshot. The odds are the person doesn't have a mugshot of themselves either, but you never ever know. Maybe they are proud of it and have it framed for everybody to see.

Some people love the fact that they have been in trouble. It is like a badge of honor and they want everybody to know. Who knows, maybe they had fun when they were in jail. Although there are a lot of horror stories about the food and the way the cops treat people, it may not be so bad. Most of the people who go there, go back at least a couple more times.

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