How to Do a Fast, Easy Arrest Warrant Check

Do you need to do an arrest warrant check, no hassles, no questions asked? Although it seems like it should be an easy enough task, unfortunately, there are a lot of issues that can take place when trying to get the details of a warrant. Unless, of course, you are sitting in the back of a police car because of the warrant. Once this happens, you get a general idea that, yes, you did have a warrant. Knowing whether or not you or a friend of yours has a warrant out for the arrest can shift the power of the situation to where the arrest is on your terms, not theirs.

Arrest Warrant Check

Calling the Police Station

Generally, if you call a police station and ask about a warrant regarding a person other than yourself you will not get any answers. Although this is regarded as public information, the cops do not like to give it out. They would rather the person show up face to face so that they can take them to jail. However, if it is about you there may be some hope. If you explain to them that you are going to turn yourself in if you do have one, they may let you know. There is a good chance they will lie to you as well. They would rather arrest you and not give you a chance to run. Depending on the circumstances you may or may not get a straight answer out of the person you ask at a police station.

Calling the County or Parish Office

Another way you could try finding out accurate warrant information is by calling the court office that is responsible for the warrant. In most cases, a warrant is issued through the county that the crime happened in. This means that whatever court that the judge was working through when he signed it into action has a record of the warrant. You can try calling the court office and ask if there is a warrant on you or a friend. You might not get very far with this. Although it is perfectly fine that they let you know whether or not you have a warrant, you may have to go in and prove your identity. As soon as you do that, however, you will be placed into custody.

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