How to Find Mugshots of Celebrities

Oh, celebrities. The rich and famous among us that have earned a living in the spotlight. Actors, musicians, business people, athletes, and generally rich people that seem to be larger than life itself. Many people wish to be them, or at the very least wish to watch their lives from afar so they can get a taste of the life of the rich and famous vicariously. Naturally, when a celebrity gets arrested people always want to find mugshots. Luckily, because they are still people it is, in fact, possible to find them!

How to Find Mugshots of Celebrities

Using Law Enforcement to Get Mugshots

Depending on the county, some counties provide mugshots along with their arrest records. To access these, all you have to do is find the county where the celebrity was arrested and search for their name. Unfortunately, not every county does provide mugshots or even arrest records right on their website. In most cases, if a celebrity is arrested it will be in a larger city so the odds of finding it this way are usually pretty good.

If the celebrity in question wasn’t arrested in a county that has mugshots in the database along with arrest records, you can try to contact the law enforcement agency that detained the celebrity. In many cases, they will be able to provide you with the mugshot that you’re looking for so you can revel in knowing that the celebrity in question has committed a jailable offense just like around 70% of people have in their lifetimes.

Other Resources for Finding Celebrity Mugshots

On the internet, there are other ways to find mugshots, particularly by using an online background check service. These services have access to public records from everywhere in the country, so your celebrity will likely pop up in their system. If there are mugshots available in public records, you can have them instantly through these services.

The other perks of using an online background check to find your celebrity mugshots is that you can find all sorts of other juicy gossip about them. In many cases, online background check companies will bring up things like criminal history, arrest records, driving history, and more. So when you go to look up your celebrities with a service like this, you can see any tickets they’ve gotten, anytime they’ve had to go to court, if they speed, park where they aren’t supposed to, are often drunk in public. All of this information can help you have a more intimate view of your favorite celebrity’s life, and many people enjoy knowing that celebrities live lives that are just like theirs.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Celebrities are just people like anyone else, and for many, it brings them happiness to know that they do things just like normal people. Many people go crazy for a picture of Jennifer Anniston eating an apple because she’s just like us. Sometimes celebrities even play pranks on the paparazzi, like when Daniel Radcliff wore the same outfit for a week so all of the photos looked like they were from the same day. Finding a celebrity’s mugshot can be a valuable source of entertainment for those that are starstruck by people who appear in their media, and can make their lives feel a little more exciting than they already are.

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